far islands

A group of 3 islands

10°22'20.9"N 102°57'36.8"E

Koh Prins, Bald Island and Rabbit island (although names do vary). This really is the jewel in our crown, crystal clear waters - up to 40m visibility!! - with a chance of giant rays, whale sharks and thousands of other forms of marine life. A true divers delight!

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The DSD and Bubblemaker experiences include:

• Basic Dive Theory
• Confined Water Diving and Skills
• 2 dives from our boat
• Duration 1 day
• Lunch and refreshments on the boat
• Includes full equipment rental, tuition materials but no certification.
Cost: DSD or Bubblemaker $95 USD

About the day

Truly a fantastic day! Our boat leaves at 8 am and returns about 7pm - we need that amount of time for the 100 Km round trip but do not worry, it is a very relaxing day. Prepare your equipment then relax for 3 hours in hammocks or on our sun deck.

Just the journey itself is fantastic! When you jump into the crystal clear waters you will be truly amazed, with visibility up to 40 meters you will see almost everything. Whale sharks, turtles, rays and much more are certainly possible here. One area of the reef is home to over 100 moray eels! Lunch on the boat then a second fantastic dive.

Now it is time to chill out, have a cold drink and watch the sunset as the boat cruises back home.

There is a $50 USD supplement per person and we do need a minimum of 6 people.